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Other ways to manage pain

Many people are not aware that there are other ways to help manage persistent pain other than medication.

The main aim of treatment of persistent pain is to control and manage it so that you can have an improved quality of life. These real-life stories show that people do often feel better without the medication.

It may not be possible to completely remove your pain, however you can be supported to cope better with it. Things such as anxiety and stress can make your ability to manage your pain worse, and things such as healthy diet, good sleep, gentle exercise and mindfulness can help calm down your body's sensitivity to pain and make you better able to manage your pain.

This five minute external video gives a good explanation of this.

Reducing the side effects from your pain medication can help you feel more alert and proactive about managing your pain, and may improve your quality of life.

Please speak to your GP practice for support, especially if you are thinking about reducing your pain medication as it can be dangerous to reduce this too quickly on your own.

Please also see the additional support section.