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It’s estimated that 7.1 million adults in England take prescribed opioid or gabapentinoid pain medication1.

The number of prescriptions in England and Wales for opioid painkillers has risen dramatically from more than 14 million in 2008 to 23 million in 20182.

We need to talk about painkiller addiction

A recent study found that between a third and half the population of the UK, around 28 million adults, are living with persistent pain3. But we know most medicines for long-term pain, only benefit around 1 in 4 people and on average only provide a 30% reduction in pain4.

Living with and managing persistent pain, every, single day can be exhausting. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t a medication that will remove all pain. Taking opioid pain medication in the hope it will relieve most of the pain is not the answer. And opioids can often cause more problems than they resolve when taken for longer than three months. Why? Because the way our bodies react to pain medication changes over time.

There is no simple answer. Each person’s experience is unique to them. A good place to start is acknowledging that regular, high-dose prescribed pain medication may be adversely affecting your life more than the pain itself!

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