We need to talk about painkiller addiction

It’s estimated that 5.6 million adults in England take prescribed opioids1.

Medications such as codeine, morphine and tramadol are often prescribed as a ‘quick fix’ after an injury or operation. However, these can lead to addiction and even death if they are misused or taken for a prolonged period of time.

The North East is currently the highest opioid prescribing area in the country, with Sunderland in particular dubbed ‘the painkiller capital’ – where nearly 145,000 opioid prescriptions have been given out within the first six months of this year alone2.

1 Source: Public Health England, 2019
2 Source: Openprescribing.net, 2019

About the campaign /

Painkillers Don’t Exist is an NHS Sunderland campaign that aims to raise awareness of the dangerous effects of long-term high-dose pain medication and empower people living with pain to make informed decisions about their health.

This is a city-wide campaign which involves all GPs across Sunderland.